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Waste Disposal and Recycling Technology
Compacting Stations

The multifunction compacting station with a capacity of 5-32 m³ is employed in compacting and transporting voluminous waste, paper, cardboard and foil. Compacting proportion: cardboard 1:5, foil 1:20.

Bailing Stations

Suitable for bailing cardboard, foil and wrapping materials, these machines are available with manual or automatic bale binding. Pressing force can vary between 4 and 80 tons, performance/output can reach 10 tons/hour.

Sorting Stations

For sorting stations we offer system solutions starting from the design and ending with manufacturing. During the recycling process, the use of sorting technology is indispensable. With the help of a conveyor belt, waste is transferred to a sorting chamber where sorting is carried out manually.

Waste Transfer Stations

Machinery suitable for the efficient transport of waste. When waste needs to be transported over long distances, compacting is reasonable. After its collection and download, waste is transferred into compacting containers with a volume of 24, 27 or 32 mł. There will be several machines located in parallel. The exchange of a full container for an empty one is directed by an electric mechanism.

Special Equipment

– Equipment that can be loaded on a Multilift type transportation vehicle and it is suitable for emptying 110-1100 litre vessels.
– Fixed and mobile feed-system suitable for press containers.
– Automatic drum press
– Containers suitable for the transportation of bales on a Multilift type transportation vehicle
– Roll on/Roll off open/closed containers
– Selective waste container
– Symmetrical or asymmetrical small containers